Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Here you will find newsletters and planning for each term or half term to keep you up to date on what your children are learning about in school, as well as some links to useful websites that you may wish to view at home with your children.

Useful Links

  •  Mathletics
    A fantastic site! Will you take on the World?
  •  Woodlands Maths Zone
    Practise your Maths on this great website! Perhaps you can choose some of your favourite activities that we have looked at in class.
  •  Maths Magician
    Are you a Maths Magician? How many multiplication questions can you answer in a minute? Fancy the challenge? Have a go at this fun way to practise your times tables!
  •  BBC Bitesize Literacy
    Practise your reading and writing using these brilliant games!
  •  BBC – Digger and the Gang
    Sprat’s adventures in English, Maths and Science.

Art Exhibitions