Extra Curricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities - Spring Term

Our activity sessions change on a half termly basis, we are currently not following the timetable at this moment due to covid restrictions. We will return to the normal timetable once these have been lifted.
Activity Day of the Week Time Year Group
Tag Rugby Monday 15:30-16:30 3-6
Computer Club Monday 15:30-16:30 1-3
Hockey Tuesday 15:30-16:30 3-6
Computer Club KS2 Wednesday 15:30-16:30 4-6
Dodgeball Club Wednesday 15:30-16:30 1-2
Gymnastics Thursday 15:30-16:30 1-2
Football Friday 15:30-16:30 3-6
Music Tuition Various Throughout Week 3 – 6
The majority of the clubs are £1 per session. All funds are used to enrich the sessions. *£2 per session