More Able

At Danemill Primary School we want every child to fulfil their potential. We are constantly looking at ways to improve the provision for all children including the more-able. We recognise more-able pupils as those who are working significantly above their peers, greater depth as pupils working above that expected and talented pupils as those with a natural ability in a non-academic subject such as physical education, art or music. Pupils can be identified in one or more subject areas and information about their strengths is stored on a register. This ensures that their progress is regularly monitored and reviewed. Teachers are also aware of the pupils and can provide opportunities to develop specific gifts or talents and appropriate challenges

Our teachers consider a range of evidence in order to judge whether a pupil is considered to be more-able. This will include attainment information and observations. If teachers require additional evidence to add a pupil to the register they may be placed on a separate list which means that they will monitored closely and given further opportunities to display their talents or skills.

More-able pupils are a diverse group and their range of attainment will be varied. However, they are more likely than most pupils to:

  • Think quickly and accurately;
  • Work systematically;
  • Generate creative working solutions;
  • Work flexibly, processing unfamiliar information and applying knowledge, experience and insight to unfamiliar situations;
  • Communicate their thoughts and ideas well;
  • Be determined, diligent and interested in uncovering patterns;
  • Achieve, or show potential, in a wide range of contexts;
  • Be particularly creative;
  • Show great sensitivity or empathy;
  • Demonstrate particular physical dexterity or skill;
  • Make sound judgements;
  • Be outstanding leaders or team members;
  • Be fascinated by, or passionate about, a particular subject or aspect of the curriculum;
  • Demonstrate high levels of attainment across a range of subjects or within a particular subject or aspects of work.

At parent’s evening, your child’s teacher will provide suggested targets which will correspond with higher level skills in areas relating to your child’s strengths. The class teacher will discuss with you their ideas for provision to support your child in achieving their targets. It is important that you, your child and their class teacher are in agreement, as these targets will be used to help monitor your child’s progress throughout the year.

The more able pupils are challenged every day in their learning, as pupils are often given differentiated work tasks but through these tasks they are given a greater challenge. Most of our more able pupils are given the same tasks as their peers; however, teachers at Danemill would expect to see a higher level outcome and would encourage pupils to aim high. Teachers will use higher level questioning to further develop pupils thinking and understanding. In some lessons, they are moved on to the task earlier than others, so they are able to challenge themselves further.

  • Challenge for all in each lesson
  • AI Century
  • Greater Depth interventions
  • Teaching of thinking and problem solving skills
  • Asking higher order questions which encourage investigation and enquiry
  • Setting clear and challenging targets through Assessment for Learning approaches, including Steps to Success.
  • Show great sensitivity or empathy;
  • Demonstrate particular physical dexterity or skill;
  • Make sound judgements;
  • Special themed events/weeks, for example Roald Dahl Day, Topic week
  • Withdrawal of very able children for higher level work within small groups

If you would like to find out any more information about more-able. Please contact the school office