Our Staff

  • Name Position
    Miss Tracey Lawrence Headteacher
    Mrs Julie Hickinbottom Deputy Headteacher
    Miss Stephanie Jones & Mrs Helen O'Connell Ladybirds
    Miss Melissa Dunkley Bumblebees
    Miss Laura Bacon 1LB
    Miss Kate Fisher 1KF
    Miss Emily Hainsworth 2EH/KS 1 Coordinator/MLT
    Mrs Megan Ward 2MW
    Mrs Laura McIntosh & Mrs Laura Linstead 3ML
    Miss Remy Clarke 3RC
    Mrs Jo Stone 4JS/SLT
    Mrs Andie Bailey 4AB
    Mr Luke Ball 5LB
    Mrs Tamara Howarth 5TH
    Mrs Kirsty Ellis & Miss Nataile Penrice 6EP/SLT
    Miss Lisa Gackowska 6LG
    Miss Danielle Stokes Maternity
    Mrs Laura Higham SENDCo/SLT
  • Name Position
    Mrs Emma Watson Pastoral Lead
    Mrs Caroline Howman LSA
    Mrs Helen Aldridge LSA
    Mrs Claire Newman LSA
    Mrs Sue Whitcombe LSA
    Mrs Sam Lovell LSA
    Mrs Kath Turner LSA
    Miss Natalie Penrice Cover Supervisor
    Mrs Anita Brown LSA
    Mrs Debbie Wynder LSA
    Miss Abbie Jardine LSA
    Miss Carly Atkinson LSA
    Mrs Tracy Johnson LSA
    Mrs Beth Binns Cover Supervisor
    Mrs Louise Porter Cover Supervisor
    Mrs Julie Batson Cover Supervisor
    Mrs Claire Lee ELSA
    Miss Katie Campbell LSA Apprentice
    Miss Mia Glover LSA Apprentice
    Mr Luke Creese LSA Apprentice
    Mr Dean Statham ICT Support
    Mr Hugh Clewes Sports Coach
    Mr Luke Stannard Sports Apprentice
    Mr Nicholas Williams Sports Apprentice
  • Name Position
    Miss Natalie Smith Office Manager
    Mrs Annabelle Pullen Office Administrator
    Miss Bryony Hayward Admin Apprentice
    Mrs Jude Lane Site Manager
  • Name Position
    Mrs Louise Monk Lunchtime Supervisor
    Mrs Sue Woolley Lunchtime Supervisor
    Chloe Robinson Lunchtime Supervisor
    Lesley Rathbone Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Name Position
    Mrs Sarah Parker Pre School Manager
    Mrs Clare Whitmore Pre School Assistant Manager
    Mrs Natalie Wetzig Pre School Assistant
  • Name Position
    Mrs Julie Batson Wrap Around Care Manager
    Mrs Tracey Johnson Wrap Around Care Assistant
    Mrs Carly Allsopp Wrap Around Care Assistant

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